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For decades, farmers across the world have suffered financially due to many factors including diseases and low farm yields. We aim to assist these farmers by providing organic feeds and fertilizers at the most affordable prices.

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We provide the most affordable organic plant growth with 100 billion probiotics.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Organic Farming

For decades, millions of farmers across the world are suffering financially due to several factors including diseases and low farm yields.

BRICO (British Cambridge Organics) was established with the aim of helping these farmers to improve their farm yields and income by providing organic feeds and fertilizers to these farmers at the most affordable prices.

Organic feeds will increase the income of the farmers through fast and healthy growth of the animals such as chicken, cow, duck, fish, goat and pig etc.

Organic fertilizers will increase the income of the farmers through fast and healthy growth of the crops and fruits such as banana, cassava, coconut, corn, potato, rice, sugarcane etc.

Organic agriculture promotes the health of plants, animals and people.It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to the local conditions, not synthetic materials that has long term negative effects on our environment and all of us.

BRICO is a member company of British Cambridge Inc. (BCI). BCI is involved in agriculture, education, investment and real estate.

For decades, BCI is active in providing free and affordable education to hundred of children and orphans across Asia. We plan to provide free training to the farmers to enable them to improve their farm yields and income.

We welcome you to join our advocacy for sustainable, eco-friendly organic farming and to improve the lives of farmers and their families across the world.

Our Products

We provide the most affordable organic plant growth with 1000 billion probiotics.

Organic Plant Growth with Probiotics

crops • flowers • plants • roots • soil

BRICO Plant Growth is a combination of naturally occurring Humic-Fulvic Substances and beneficial microbes, the probiotics. It also termed as Bio-fertilizer and a Bio-stimulant since they directly provide live microorganisms and stimulate different process for plant nutrition.


  • plant health
  • plant growth
  • stress resistance
  • increase minerals
  • drought resistance
  • increase crop yields
  • increase nutrient intake
  • strong soil
  • strong roots
  • stimulate growth
  • disease resistance
  • increase crop quality
  • increase water holdings
  • reduce toxic substances


Dissolve 1 sachet to 200 liters of water.
Spray to 1 hectare of crops, plants and soil per 10 days.
Clear the area to spray and spray directly in a refine mist.


Probiotics 100 Billion Micro-Orgasnisms
Bacillus Subtili, Humic and Fulvic Acids

In agricultural uses, fulvic and humic acids have favorable effect on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil. They improve soil structure, water holding capacity and reduce hardpan. They are considered detoxifying substances and chelate heavy metals that cause toxic reactions and inhibit nutrient availability in plants.

Humic substances, including both humic acid and fulvic acid, are energy rich matter that increase microbial growth and biochemical interactions; such as carbon and nitrogen cycles and creation of other phytostimulants. In plants, humic acids have positive effects on enzyme activity, nutrient uptake, growth and immunity.

Key Benefits:

  • Produces stable organic matter
  • Increases growth and yield
  • Promotes adventitious root growth for new and established plants
  • Relieves environmental stress including drought tolerance
  • Builds immunity
  • Conditions soil (water retention, aggregation, aeration)
  • Increases crop uniformity and early ripening
  • Stimulates microbe counts
  • Stimulates enzyme production in plants and microorganisms
  • Assists with seed germination

Humic and fulvic acids are some of the best biostimulant products in nature, improving the uptake of nutrients in both soil and hydroponics, and once you understand the difference between the two, you will soon discover many applications for your garden.

Humic and fulvic acids are intermediate chelators. Chela means claw, so chelates are organic molecules that attach to mineral ions like a claw, holding them tightly enough so they don’t get locked up in the soil, but loosely enough so they are available to the plant on demand. Humic acid molecules are larger than fulvic acid molecules and make great soil conditioners. Fulvic acids are smaller, more biologically active molecules that are faster-acting and make excellent foliar sprays. Both improve the uptake of minerals, stimulate plant growth and improve the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses.

Humic and Fulvic Acids for Hydroponic Use

In hydroponics, both humic and fulvic acids work well, but there are minor differences. If you use RO water, humic acid may be a slightly better choice. Humic acid contains both humic and fulvic acid fractions and it has a buffering effect on pH. RO water alone has practically no buffer for pH. When using RO water, the pH can spike upwards during rapid vegetative growth, or crash during heavy fruiting and flowering—sometimes overnight. But humic and fulvic acids help buffer pH. In nature, humic and fulvic acids raise the pH of acidic soils and lower the pH of alkaline soils, neutralizing both conditions, while having a moderating effect on your plants. Humic acid also adds more than 62 beneficial trace elements to the water. Since RO water is stripped of nearly all of its minerals, humic and fulvic acids make a great water treatment for hydroponics.

If you use hard water, shift the balance towards fulvic acid. Hard water is usually high in calcium and magnesium ions. Since fulvic acid molecules are smaller than humic fractions, they are better at surrounding the calcium ions to help keep them soluble and available to plants. Fulvic acid is also more acidic than most humic acid products. Since hard water is generally higher in pH, fulvic acid may be a better choice when using well water in hydroponics.

Probiotics for Livestock and Agriculture

chickens • cows • ducks • fish • goats • pigs

BRICO Probiotics is feed additive composed of live beneficial microorganisms. It is packed with the bacterial strain, BACILLUS SUBTILIS. This is used as Direct Fed Microorganisms (DFM) for livestock, such as pigs, chicken, cows, and fish.



  • animal growth
  • improve weight
  • improve digestion
  • reduce mortality rate
  • improve meat quality
  • improve meat safety
  • prevent & treat diarrhea
  • improve egg production
  • improve immune system
  • improve feed conversion

Aquatic Animals

  • animal growth
  • improve weight
  • balance pH value
  • reduce mortality rate
  • increase meat quality
  • increase oxygenation
  • remove harmful bacteria
  • treat/clean polluted water
  • keep environmental balance
  • clean/remove algae and toxins


Add 1 sachet to 1 ton of feeds.
Dissolve 1 sachet to 1000 square meter of
fish pond with 1 meter water depth.


Probiotics 100 Billion Micro-Orgasnisms
Bacillus Subtili, Minerals and Nutrients

The growth of aquaculture as an industry has accelerated over the years; this has resulted in food production and positive economic impact. But theemergence of disease outbreak has been the constraint. The need for increased disease resistance, growth of aquatic organisms and feed efficiency has brought about the use of probiotics as non-antibiotic agent in aquaculture productions. There are documented evidences that probiotics can improve the water quality, growth promoters, disease resistance and enhancement of immune response.

One of the most significant technologies that evolved in response to disease control problems is the use of probiotics. The term probiotic means life; it was derived from two Greek words ‘pro’ and ‘bios.’ Probiotics are live microbes that can be used to improve the host intestinal microbial balance and growth performance. Development of probiotics in aquaculture management will reduce the use of antimicrobial drugs which were prophylactive alone and whose over dependence in recent times poses potential hazards to man who consume them.

Characteristics of BRICO probiotics

  • The strains are capable of exerting a beneficial effect on the host animal e.g. increased growth or resistance to disease.
  • It is non-pathogenic and non-toxic.
  • It is present as viable cells preferable in large numbers.
  • It is be capable of surviving and metabolizing in the gut environment e.g. resistance to low pH and organic acid.
  • It is be stable and capable of remaining viable for periods under storage and field conditions.

BRICO probiotic has all these features which is a considerable advantage over antibacterial supplements such as antibiotics currently being used in the market today.

Improvement in water qualities

Nitrogenous compounds contamination such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in fish culture systems/ponds has been a serious concern. The susceptibility of cultured aquatic species to high concentration of these compounds is generally species-specific, but in high concentrations, these compounds may be extremely harmful and cause mass mortality in all cases. Reported the ability of Lactobacillus - simultaneously removes nitrogen and pathogens from contaminated shrimp farms. In several other studies, water quality has been improved by the addition of probiotics especially Bacillus. The reason is that gram – positive Bacillus, are generally more efficient in converting organic matter back to CO2 than gram – negative bacteria, which would convert a greater percentage of organic carbon to bacterial biomass or slime.

As growth promoters

It has been demonstrated that probiotics indeed may enhance the growth of fish. The ability of organisms to out-grow the pathogens in favor of host or to improve the growth of the host and yet no side effect on the host made it a probiotic bacteria. In attempt to use probiotic bacteria as growth promoter on tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) identified that the highest growth performance was recorded with probiotic and the best feed conversion ratio was observed with the same organism.

For disease prevention

Probiotics for health benefits to the host have been found useful in aquaculture, terrestrial animals and in human disease control. These include microbial adjunct that prevent pathogens from proliferating in the intestinal tract, on the superficial surfaces and in culture environment of the culture species. The effect of these beneficial organisms is achieved through optimizing the immune system of culture organism, increasing their resistance to disease, or producing inhibitory-substance that prevent the pathogenic organisms from establishing disease in the host.

Enhancement of the immune response

Among the numerous beneficial effects of probiotics, modulation of immune system is one of the most commonly purported benefits of probiotics. Fish larvae shrimps and other invertebrates have immune systems that are less well developed than adult stage and are dependent primarily on non-specific immune responses for their resistance to infection.

Application in feed

BRICO Probiotics are applied with the aqua/fish feeds. Probiotic organisms used in food are capable of surviving passages through the gut i.e. they have the ability to resist gastric juices and exposure to bile. Furthermore they are able to proliferate and colonize the digestive tract and they are safe, effective and maintain their effectiveness and potency for the duration of the shelf life of the product.


Fish farmers and other stakeholders in aquaculture management should make use of probiotics because of its colonization ability as preventive measures against over dependency on antibiotic therapy which is costly.

Fish farmers are also encouraged to incorporate BRICO’s probiotics in their feed formulations because of its importance in digestibility improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the most affordable organic plant growth with 100 billion probiotics.


It uses the super compost humate (humus) with the biochemically active compounds, humic and fulvic acids that plants need for optimum growth. It is packed with naturally occurring live microorganisms, specifically Bacillus subtilis. They facilitate the proper absorption of the Humic-fulvic substance and stimulate the nutrients in the soil and air, more available to the plant. Bacillus subtilis creates a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots and works harmoniously with other beneficial resident microbes in the soil. Together, the humus and the beneficial microbes work synergistically to promote optimal health of the plant.

The Humic-Fulvic themselves contain the nutrients for the plants, the major nutrient potassium and alkaline pH of 9. They support the overall growth and development of the plant roots, trunks, leaves and fruits. Bacillus subtilis facilitates their conversion, absorption and utilization in the roots. They also break down organic matter in the soil into smaller nutrient molecules that can more easily be absorbed by the plant. Bacillus subtilis are among the micro-organisms that can make phosphate and nitrogen more available to plants by ‘dissolving’ them, that is often ‘locked up’ in the soil and not available to plants. They produce hormones like auxins. They were the first plant hormones discovered. Auxins stimulate cell elongation, required for fruit formation, and promote root initiation. Since both the plant and the soil microorganism benefit, this relationship is called symbiotic or sometimes the term probiotic is used. Either way, the soil microorganisms perform an invaluable service to the plant. The symbiotic relationship between the soil bacteria and the plant roots is a vital one for both parties.

Applications of BRICO PLANT GROWTH to the roots of plants will make the root system noticeably larger because of the uptake of potassium, phosphate, nitrogen; trace nutrients and water, especially in the early stage of growth. The presence of microbes in the roots promotes a healthy and strong root system. The utilization of the humus and all the available nutrients in the soil contributes to the better growth of the crops. They are noticeably healthy and more productive.

A better soil. One of the best attributes of BRICO PLANT GROWTH is the conditioning of the soil, back to its healthy state, that is prior to degradation caused by chemical fertilizers. It brings back the humus of the soil. The high pH buffers it back to the normal range. It directly provides and rehabilitates the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. All this will bring life and quality to the soil, providing the necessary nutrients and processes for plant nutrition.

BRICO Plant Growth on wide range of crops has improved yields by up to 50%. It is necessary to establish the beneficial bacteria on the crop’s root system and restore the natural nutrients of the soil. Crops treated with BRICO bio-fertilizer and bio-stimulants often grow more quickly and probably reach maturity faster. Stems may be longer, bud size and fruit size may also be larger.

Farmers often have to reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizers used in the crop, when they also use BRICO Plant Growth since the fertilizers are utilized more resulting to lush growth. Initial reduction of synthetic fertilizers will be at ratio of 70:30 (BRICO). Succeeding cropping can be brought down to 50:50, 30:70 and then total conversion to organic inputs, starting with BRICO bio-fertilizers. Adjustments may need to be made also depending on the gravity of chemical degradation of the land.

Manure and other natural fertilizers are certainly safe as a soil amendment. Usually, most manures have only a few remaining minerals left for the plant's nutrition. After spreading, the manure has to break down to become available to the plant and through several days and weeks, a lot will be leached out before the soil can carry into the roots. BRICO Plant Growth is a concentrate of humus already decomposed to its available form, plus the microbes facilitate the different process for maximum utilization of the plant. It is available in time of application.

BRICO Plant Growth is 100% certified natural and non-toxic, containing live microorganisms as bio-stimulants and bio-fertilizers. It can be applied to any crops.

Land degradation due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers is already evident in many countries. Consequences are devastating and restorations are expensive. BRICO Plant Growth DO NOT damage the environment because they are naturally made. It provides naturally occurring humus to the soil and provides the beneficial microbes. They live on plant roots and only affect the microenvironment very close to the plant.

BRICO Plant Growth is cost effective. The price is competitively cheap compared to other products. Since our concentration of colony forming units is very high, it is therefore also efficient.

Regular application every 10 days is encouraged to increase the colonization of the growing root system with our beneficial bacteria. More application not only increases the humus of the soil but also prevent root disease pathogens. On the initial applications, it is ideal to apply more since this is the rehabilitation phase, and maintaining applications every 15 days. Nonetheless, over application is a benefit.

Dilute 500 grams to 200 liters of non-chlorinated water. Apply in 1 hectare of crops through fine mist. It can also be added in fertigation methods. For foliar application, spray on leaves until fully wet.

It produces healthy plants resistant to pest and disease. It improves root development and accelerates growth of the plants. It increases the quality of crop in terms of color, taste and size. Because of the alkaline pH and the live microbes, it is able to neutralize also the soil (stabilize soil acidity). It improves the soil structure and water retention capability. It directly gives and restores the micro flora in the soil. It increases one's profitability due to lowered input cost and improved production. It is also environment friendly.

BRICO Products have the utmost quality and has the highest concentration of beneficial microbes. We have many testimonials from different farm owners and users. We recommend trying for yourself to see the effects. The best way is to transition slowly by following the ratio and cost-cutting. (Refer to BRICO Organic Farming Transition Manual) Once you have started using BRICO products on your crops, you compute both your input expenses and yield and by then you can compare the results. For lands that are long term dependent on chemicals, initial results may not be significant since the soil is in the rehabilitation stage. But once it has restored back its natural condition, significant benefits will not only be on the yield but also from your savings on input cost. You can also be assured of a chemical free produce.


BRICO Probiotics is feed additive composed of live beneficial microorganisms. It is packed with the bacterial strain, BACILLUS SUBTILIS. This is used as Direct Fed Microorganisms (DFM) for livestock, such as pigs, chicken, cows, and fish.

The term “probiotic” was derived from the Greek word, meaning “for life”. According to the currently adopted definition by World Health Organization (WHO), probiotics are: “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. Scientific and commercial interest in the use of beneficial bacteria for the prevention and treatment of diseases has been conducted since 50 years ago.

BACILLUS SUBTILIS is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA is not harmful to animals or humans. It is one of the oldest species on earth, reason why animals and humans since the beginning of their existence have been in contact with this bacterium. As a kind of green feed additive, probiotics has many advantages such as they improve livestock production, keep animals' intestines healthy and enhance the animals' immunity without toxic side effect or drug residues.

It works in the following principles:

When fed to animals, it has an inhibiting function to pathogenic bacteria in the intestines due to the substances they emit during the growing stage, such as subtilin, polymyxin, nystatin, gramicidin and etc.

They can exhaust free oxygen in the environment rapidly, making the intestinal tract into hypoxia, meaning less or deprived of oxygen. Thus, promoting the growth of beneficial anaerobic ("living in the absence of air") bacteria such as Lactobacillus, yeast and Bifidobacterium.

They can compound α-amylase, protease, lipase, cellulose and etc. by themselves, their key role on digestive enzymes in animals.

They can compound several kinds of vitamin B groups, such as niacin to enhance the activity of macrophage and interferon inside animals.

They stimulate growth and development of the immune organs of animals by activating T and B lymphocytes, enhancing the immune functions of the animals.

Through the process of competitive exclusion, they dominate or colonize the gut wall and compete for the food and nutrients with pathogenic bacteria.

Using the latest technology from Japan, BRICO Probiotics provides you with the best quality and highest number of microorganism of at least 100 Billion colony forming units (cfu) per gram. The number of microorganisms in probiotics determines the effectiveness to animal growth and health. What also makes Bacillus subtilis as an effective microorganism is its capacity to grow aerobically and anaerobically, allowing this bacterium to survive and grow adequately inside and outside humans and animals and in aquaculture water systems. All these properties give Bacillus subtilis the potential capacity to become one of the “most perfect multifunctional probiotic bacteria” to formulate functional feeds for livestock and aquaculture.

Here are the known benefits of BRICO Probiotics:

They play a key role on the general health of the animals.

They protect the animals from gastro intestinal diseases, diarrhea, scouring, bloating or indigestions. Thus also reducing the number of mortality.

They help in digestion, absorption, proper utilizing nutrients from feeds. Thus giving the animals more bulk and faster growth.

Probiotics uses beneficial live microorganisms for the animals’ immunity. Thus reducing also the use of antibiotics.

They improve the quality of meat, eggs and milk. They give a natural eating flavor of the feeds.

For aquatics, they enhance the health of fish and shrimps.

They can dissolve toxic substance through bacterial processes in ponds, clearing the water.

Health benefits result to lesser mortality and better production quality.

A: BRICO Probiotics are cost effective. The price is competitively cheap compared to other products. Since our concentration of colony forming units is very high, it is therefore also efficient. The lesser input or feed costs and with high productivity, will total to better profits.

A: Simply mix BRICO Probiotics to existing animal feeds, commercial or backyard formulation, and follow regular feeding practice. Mix with ratio of 500 Grams per 1 Ton of feeds maximum (50-100 grams for every 50 Kilos of feeds). For drinking water of livestock, simply mix 100 Grams per 1000 Liters of clean non-chlorinated water. For pond application, dilute 250 Grams in 200 Liters of water or 1 drum, and then spray throughout the fish ponds.

Simply mix BRICO Probiotics to existing animal feeds, commercial or backyard formulation, and follow regular feeding practice. Mix with ratio of 500 Grams per 1 Ton of feeds maximum (50-100 grams for every 50 Kilos of feeds). For drinking water of livestock, simply mix 100 Grams per 1000 Liters of clean non-chlorinated water. For pond application, dilute 250 Grams in 200 Liters of water or 1 drum, and then spray throughout the fish ponds.

Probiotics Market size was over US$ 35 Billion in 2015.The global market for probiotics is expected to grow to US$ 63 Billion by 2023 driven by the growing clinical evidence supporting the effectiveness of probiotics in general health maintenance and disease treatments for both humans and animals.


We provide the most affordable organic plant growth with 100 billion probiotics.

"My actual experience with farmer using BRICO Organics Fertilizers and Foliar. I am showing the photos that is before and after using BRICO. Like the flower and the Sab-a banana. The flower with me in the picture is before using BRICO. But after using BRICO, you can see how the flower blooms. Also this Sab-a banana. Sab-a banana is usually small but after using BRICO, look at this Sab-a banana. It's like as big as Cardava now after using BRICO."

- Davao

This is my first time to harvest Malunggay leaves after 4 weeks of using BRICO. I am so excited and so satisfied with the produce. I definitely recommend BRICO!

- Maria Fides S. Gabriel

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